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12th July, 2019. NUmber 9 of our newsletter, MENU, is now available online


It’s that time of year when we head off to France to work on the house that will become our home from July 2020. It will be hot, the nightingales will still be singing to the accompaniment of distant thunder and the bee-eater will be flying over the garden on their way to roost. But while we are decorating and tiling, screening and scything, our minds will be our our autumn and winter programme which has an encouraging number of bookings already. Our latest newsletter is full of ideas (including the evolving “field studio landscape” shown on the cover), an essay about my early exploration of sound recording, Charlotte’s wonderful chanterelle starter and Chris Jordan’s incisive critique of consumer culture. Enjoy and encourage others to subscribe! You download the newsletter here.


26th May 2019. Number 8 of our newsletter, mENU, IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE


What a busy spring it has been ! And we still have our Austria Retreat (now fully booked) to run in mid-June. Nevertheless, we’ve made time to update quite a lot of the content on this website, including three new essays on the Ideas page, a detailed explanation of our refined teaching method and several new images over the site to keep it fresh. Some of this content, including a link to a new piece of work in response to the looming ecological collapse, finds its way into this newsletter, along with Charlotte’s recipe for a perfect summer starter - asparagus wraps. We feature one of the most exciting outdoor photographers working today, Norwegian Pål Hermansen, and introduce you to one of our trademark techniques - “Chocolate Bars”. We have a late entry into our roster of Retreats this year - an autumn one in Burgundy- with a 10% discount for group bookings of four or more guests. Read all about it - them come! You can download the newsletter here.


12th March, 2019. Issue number seven of MENU is available online

In the wake of our Retreat to Harris this February, we have some new pictures to share, as well as more “explorations from the kitchen”. Niall makes the case for editors in an age of image over-load and floats a new title for the popular style of photography know as ICM. With a few places still left on our Retreat to the Austrian Tyrol in June, you can read about why it’s such a great location and what your non-photographer husband, wife, partner of friend would get out of the trip if they came with you. Charlotte’s recipe - a sweet chestnut and squash roast - dusts off the old nut roast, amplifies the flavours, refines its textures and threatens to make even carnivores weak at the knees. And for inspiration, we look at the work of one of the 20th century’s great colour pioneers, Ernst Haas, and the long shadow of his legacy. If you don’t have the newsletter sent to you, perhaps you’d consider subscribing! You can download the newsletter here.


11th January, 2019. Issue number six of MENU IS AVAILABLE ONLINE

And it’s one of the bonniest yet! You can learn how to make Charlotte’s roasted shallot, rosemary and ricotta tart, why Niall has abandoned the tripod for action photography and read his reflections on the need for a history of outdoor photography. Inspiration comes in the form of the extraordinary, hyper-realist paintings of pebbles and other overlooked objects by American artist, Allan Magee, a master of “sustained attention”. We also feature our November 2019 Retreat to the Torridon region of the Scottish north-west highlands.

Although we are not travelling in January, we have a full programme of work as Niall puts together his latest book for a German publisher and Charlotte keeps the office on the road - as well as making even more lovely food for us to test and refine.

We hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling 2019 and, well, may all your histograms be to the right!

You can download the newsletter here.


12th November, 2018. Issue number five of our newsletter, MENU, is now on line.


Looking forward already to next summer, the new issue of MENU features our Retreat in the Austrian Tyrol next June where you can immerse yourself with your camera in the alpine meadows full of flowers, butterflies and insect. And we’ll also teach you how to make Niall’s trademark white background studies of the abundant life of these meadows and mountains.

Our period of intensive tour and Retreat work is drawing to a close for the year now, giving time to work on refining our skills and making preparations for welcoming guests on next year’s Retreats. Expect and even broader repertoire from the kitchen, as well as on the photographic front!

We have also published our Retreat dates for 2019 and 2020, as they currently stand.

You can download the newsletter here.



We're up to Issue 4 of MENU already - and what ` lot of content there has been. This one is a little bigger than usual to accommodate the essay, "Crossings". Recently published in NaturFoto (Germany), having been previously run in Outdoor Photography, this is doesn't simply offer a critique of contemporary nature photography, it proposes and justifies alternative models.

This has been produced between shooting the photographs for the Woodland Trust (Scotland) Scottish Tree of the Year, 2018, finalising our Retreats programme for 2019, further refining our food work and preparing for two months of intensive tour guiding.

We've decided to drop the frequency of MENU to bi-monthly, not because of any lack of content but simply because we don't want to inundate you with any more correspondence that needed. You can download the newsletter here.


16th August 2018, Food and Photography Retreats September 2018 newsletter, MENU, is now online. 


Issue 3 of MENU has just gone live and is the usual mix of insight, skills, recipes as well as news from Niall and Charlotte. You can read about mixing daylight with flash for impressive plant (and people) portraits, a profile of Phil Borges and his work with indigenous people around the world, and how to make Charlotte's delicious leek and tarragon crumble, suitable for vegetarians and carnivores alike. For those of you interested in travelling with us, we introduce our Harris Retreat in February 2019- unlike any other photography holidays in the Outer Hebrides.

Feel free to distribute this and earlier newsletters amongst your friends and colleagues - and encourage them to subscribe via the website.  You can download the newsletter here.



15 july, 2018, food and photography retreats august 2018 newsletter

FAPR August 2018 cover.jpg

Issue 2 of our newsletter, MENU, is now available for download. If this is your first one, you're in for a treat. In it, you can read about how Niall makes his Colour Transects, learn about the work of Brazilian artist, Angelica Dass and get the recipe for Charlotte's baked salmon and tomatoes with horseradish lentils.

We're introducing an alternative offer on our Retreats for the non-photographer in the family that focuses on creating fabulous chocolates, patisserie and other food-related skills. Read more inside.

Feel free to distribute it amongst your friends and colleagues - and encourage them to subscribe via the website.  You can download the newsletter here.


18 June, 2018. Food and Photography Retreats july 2018 newsletter

FAPR July 2018 newsletter p1.jpg

We've just distributed our first newsletter which includes features on split-toning colour photographs and a profile of American art photographers, Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison. You can download it here, or even better, subscribe so that you don't miss any future issues. Enjoy!


15 May, 2018. Food and Photography Retreats Ltd is launched


Sometimes, it just feels like an idea's time has come and thus it was that we decided earlier this year to establish Food and Photography Retreats Ltd. The experience we've gained over the years of guiding, teaching and looking after other photographers suggested that there was a gap in the market for house-party style holidays in attractive, less crowded locations, with structured, skills-based tuition and excellent hospitality. We are excited too about cooperating with other professional photographers from around the world to give you something extra special. With two Retreats developed and the first one, to Islay and Jura sold out, we will be working hard in the next two years to develop a portfolio of new locations ahead of our move to France in October 2020.

As well as revisiting old haunts and discovering new ones, we'll be investing a lot of time in growing our mailing list, with the promise each month of an interesting newsletter that goes well beyond a mere sales pitch. In it, we'll introduce you to fascinating photographers and projects from around the world, specialised technical tips, food styling ideas and information about what we're planning as well as reports on our other work as chocolatiere and photographer.